We all know that concrete is the most common construction material in the world, but do you know how many famous US structures are made of it? The answer is, a lot! The concrete construction industry is massive - it's been around since humans started building their first structures and it continues to be a part of the way we build today. The US in particular has some major players in the concrete construction business, so let's take a look at what makes them unique!

Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam stands as one of America's most iconic landmarks, but did you know that when construction began on this historic structure in 1931 they were using an experimental material? The engineers working with then-President Herbert Hoover decided to use a record amount of concrete during the building phase, using three and one-quarter million cubic yards. The architects selected reinforced concrete as their material of preference due to its durability against negative external factors such as water damage from flooding or seismic activity that could potentially bring down the entire structure.

Seattle's Space Needle
Built in 1962 by Howard S. Wright Construction Company with concrete columns supporting its weight, this building was designed to be tough enough to withstand any natural disasters while also being light on land space thanks to innovative design choices like elevators inside the structure instead of below ground or next door. The Seattle Space Needle was constructed using concrete because of the heavy winds and rains they get in that area. The construction crew found it easier to work with than other materials, especially when constructing a needle-like structure like this one. The engineers behind this monument knew they were doing something special when they built what would become one of America's most iconic skyscrapers!

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a shining example of all bridges built in the future, as engineers looked for new ways to fortify their creations against things like high winds and natural disasters. The Golden Gate Bridge used concrete construction along with steel to create a powerful bridge that could withstand the strong winds and heavy waves of San Francisco Bay and that could hopefully withstand natural disasters, too. The project proved its success when just two months after being completed, an earthquake shook the bridge without causing any major damage or injuries!

The Pentagon
The pentagon is one of the first buildings in Washington D.C. to have used reinforced concrete when it was still a fairly new building material, as it was invented only ten years before it went up. The Pentagon's construction team set out looking for materials that would be able to withstand falling bombs and artillery shells from their enemies' attacks on them during World War II. It was soon decided that reinforcing concrete with embedded steel bars would be able to handle impacts better than the stone or brick-like structures commonly used in and around Washington at the time.

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