Great Impressions Last, Your Parking Lot Should be Pristine

Your parking lot is often the very first thing customers and clients see when approaching your property. Well-maintained parking areas can make an excellent first impression, adding to your reputation and brand image. In addition, it also shows that you are mindful of the safety of your clients, customers, and employees.

Great Impressions Last, Your Parking Lot Should be Pristine

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We at First Water Contracting are a full-service contracting firm, offering a comprehensive range of new construction concrete and asphalt parking lots as well as maintenance and repair services.

Replacement or repair?

If your asphalt parking lot is dated and dull and has developed cracks or become damaged we are the company to call. Most property owners feel that replacing the surface is the only option open to them. But this isn’t always the case. Asphalt is quite a hardy material and good quality installations are able to weather climatic changes well and last for a number of years with regular attention and parking lot maintenance OKC.

Asphalt pavements with linear cracks can generally be given additional service life by using appropriate crack sealing and surface sealing methods. If the surface has extensive "alligator" cracking or gaping potholes, full-depth patching would be needed to improve its condition and appearance.

If you have concrete surfaced parking lot that has developed cracks, we may have to patch up the failed areas, to effectively prevent further failures from cropping up. We never use the superficial, skin patch method of repairing these faults and problems in concrete surfaces. When you hire us for the job, you can rest assured that we will provide objective advice on whether your asphalt or concrete parking lot requires repairs or replacement.

Parking lot maintenance OKC- the benefits

There are a number of distinct benefits of regular parking lot maintenance such as:

  • Create a lasting impression on clients and customers, improving your relationship with them
  • Improve the overall resale value of the property
  • Give your staff  and employees a sense of pride to be part of your business
  • Minimize tenant turnover at commercial properties
  • Avoid accidents caused by surface cracks and potholes
  • Increase your parking lot’s lifespan & protect your investment
  • Ensure code compliance for ADA and fire regulations

How we help ensure your parking lot is in pristine condition

There are a few main aspects that we take into account when maintaining parking lots for our clients:

  • Smooth, properly-sealed black surfaces
  • Clear and bright markings to facilitate parking and smooth traffic movement
  • Pothole-free surfaces that won’t cause any accidents.

Preventative parking lot maintenance OKC

Filling and sealing asphalt surface cracks is a common and vital paving preventative maintenance practice. We use specialized materials, such as hot-poured polymerized rubber in the work. This material is poured either above or into the cracks to prevent the intrusion of debris and water and debris into them, also reinforcing the rest of the pavement structure.

For any more information about our services, feel free to contact First Water Contracting at 405-664-6200. You can also send us your queries and project details via this Contact Us form.

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