Here at First Water Contracting in Oklahoma City, we offer a range of services related to construction and water management. Here are some key services we provide:

Water Management Solutions:
   - Stormwater Management: Design and installation of systems to manage stormwater runoff, including retention and detention ponds, bioswales, and rain gardens.
   - Drainage Systems: Implementation of effective drainage systems to prevent water accumulation and related issues on properties.

General Contracting:
   - Residential Construction: Building new homes, renovations, and additions.
   - Commercial Construction: Construction and renovation of commercial properties, including office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial facilities.

Landscaping and Irrigation:
   - Landscape Design and Installation: Creating and installing landscape features, including lawns, gardens, and hardscaping.
   - Irrigation Systems: Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems to ensure efficient watering of landscapes.

Excavation and Grading:
   - Site Preparation: Preparing sites for construction, including land clearing, excavation, and grading.
   - Foundation Work: Excavating and preparing foundations for new buildings.

Erosion Control:
   - Erosion Prevention: Implementing measures to prevent soil erosion on construction sites and developed properties.
   - Sediment Control: Installing barriers and other systems to control sediment on sites.

Environmental Services:
   - Wetland Restoration: Restoring and creating wetlands to promote environmental health and compliance with regulations.
   - Habitat Creation: Creating natural habitats as part of land development or conservation efforts.

Maintenance Services:
   - Regular Maintenance: Offering ongoing maintenance services for installed systems and landscapes.
   - Emergency Repairs: Providing emergency repair services for water management and construction issues.

By offering these services, First Water Contracting aims to provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial clients, ensuring effective water management, sustainable development, and high-quality construction.

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