First Water Contracting is a company that specializes in a range of turnkey infrastructure and sitework services. We have a significant number of existing clients, and this number is ever on the increase. As proven experts in the industry, we know what it takes to provide customers with high-quality solutions and services.  

We are the concrete contractors OKC that use the latest technology in our work. Our team follows time-tested techniques and work processes. This approach helps to ensure that every project is completed safely, to industry standards, and on time. We make sure that our clients get value for money regardless of the nature, size, and scope of their project.  

Our Services

> Earthwork
> Asphalt and concrete paving
> parking lot repair OKC
> Curb and gutter installations
> Pavement maintenance services
> Storm sewer drainage and structures
> Subgrade modification
> Sealcoating OKC

Our Work Process

While all of these services are distinctly different from one another, we follow some standard processes in every project we take up. Here is a look at what a typical project looks like:

Review of Project, Problem or Issue- In this phase, our team will visit your site and survey the space. If you are facing some specific issues with a feature, they will make a note of it.
Recommend Solutions- Based on their survey and assessment our team will recommend the best solution or fixes (in case of repairs and restoration projects)
Quote- They will provide you with a detailed quote for the job. This quote will have a complete outline of the scope of the project and a breakdown of different costs involved.  
Starting the Project- Once you have approved the solution and quote, we will schedule the crew and equipment as per your convenience.
Regular communication- We maintain communication with you right through the project and apprise you of the progress of the work.
The Billing Structure- We bill in pre-approved increments, and you need to make payments only after we reach each milestone.
Review of Completed Job- Once the job is complete, we review it with you. This step helps to ensure that we have met your expectations.

The Best Commercial Concrete Contractors

As you can see, we follow a very methodical work process in our work. Our teams work in tandem with each other to ensure that the entire project moves forth seamlessly. Our project managers and on-site supervisors oversee the work so that everything stays on track. Every process we follow, technique, and equipment we use helps to create a seamless workflow. It ensures your project is completed safely and within the approved cost and committed timeframe.

You will find that we offer the best asphalt resurfacing in Oklahoma City at cost-effective price points. If you’re looking for asphalt installation, maintenance or parking lot repairs OKC solutions, we at First Water Contracting can help. Just call 405 664 6200 and we’ll help.


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